Theory of Action

image001Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education seeks to undo the intergenerational cycle of poverty, addiction and crime by investing in children of incarcerated parents.

Children of incarcerated parents are 6 times more likely to enter the criminal justice system, struggle for mental and physical health, be exposed to violence and addiction, live in poverty, and drop out of high school.  We commit to empower these most vulnerable members of our community and undo the legacy that too often entraps them.   We believe education is the protective factor that opens doors for a self-determined life.  Our work is about building and providing access to the intellectual, social and emotional supports young people need to thrive, particularly children born into risky circumstances beyond their control.  RISE does not do this work alone.  A dedicated staff and board, a dozen schools, over 100 mentors, families, community partnerships, sponsors and committed contributors all come together to put their arms around RISE children.  Together we create a noble village willing to take in and support vulnerable kids who deserve to be the best they can be.